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Virtual Definition of Virtual by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
1: being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted a virtual dictator. 2: being on or simulated on a computer or computer network print or virtual books a virtual keyboard: such as. a: occurring or existing primarily online virtual shopping.
ERA Virtual Tour ERA Belgium.
ERA Virtual Tour. Met behulp van de Virtual Tour, de virtuele rondleiding op www.era.be krijgen kandidaat-kopers een scherp beeld van uw vastgoed. De opmaak en montage worden gerealiseerd door een professioneel team. Het is een dynamische en aantrekkelijke manier om de smaak van de kandidaat-kopers aan uw woning te toetsen.
Virtual Wikipedia.
Virtual world, a computer-based simulated environment populated by many users who can create a personal avatar, and simultaneously and independently explore the virtual world, participate in its activities and communicate with others. Virtual channel, a channel designation which differs from that of the actual radio channel or range of frequencies on which the signal travels.
VIRTUAL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
More examples Fewer examples. The first set is made of virtual objects which we direct arbitrarily and of which we calculate the quasi-invariant attributes. From the Cambridge English Corpus. In their analysis, they used motor calculus and the concept of virtual work coefficient. From the Cambridge English Corpus. In unstructured remote environments virtual objects from a toolbox could be attached to the real world. From the Cambridge English Corpus. 448 overcome the limitations of virtual reality, it is necessary to introduce other forms of interactivity. From the Cambridge English Corpus. By means of cooperating with the virtual robot, predictive display control method can eliminate the affection of time-delay and improve the maneuverability and the safety. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Alternatively, some researchers devote to the use of virtual reality to improve the human/robot interaction by an immersive interactional environment. From the Cambridge English Corpus. A local minimum recovery scheme by a wall following has also been developed by introducing a virtual target. From the Cambridge English Corpus. In the monitor panel, users can observe different floor scenes, see the robots positions and velocities, and receive the data from the virtual sensors.

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